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Link Love: Surrender Your Data!

I just took a survey about blogs about science, and you should too. Here’s the description:

This survey attempts to access the opinions of bloggers, blog-readers, and non-blog folk in regards to the impact of blogs on the outside world. The authors of the survey are completing an academic manuscript on the impact of science blogging and this survey will provide invaluable data to answer the following questions:

Who reads or writes blogs?
What are the perceptions of blogging, and what are the views of those who read blogs?
How do academics and others perceive science blogging?
What, if any, influence does science blogging have on science in general?

Please consider participating in the survey as an act of ‘internet solidarity’! It will likely take 10 minutes, and a bit more if you are a blogger yourself. We thank you in advance.

Surrender your data here.

Update 9/19: The survey is done now…Now to await the results.


  1. #1 Ben D
    September 17, 2007

    Just done the survey – any idea when/where they’ll be publishing the results?

  2. #2 Helen
    September 17, 2007

    I don’t get it… the education options start with “didn’t finish high school” but then the occupation options all assume the survey taker is a scientist? Is this for scientists only, or for science blog readers?

  3. #3 Almeda
    September 17, 2007

    Alas, it won’t be statistically useful when they’re done, because it’s an opt-in survey … but it might be interesting anyhow, even if not generalizable to the entire populace.

    (Darn that statistics course I’m taking — it’s taking over how I think about EVERYTHING!)

  4. #4 Brett
    September 18, 2007

    When I tried I got the message, “This survey is currently closed.”

  5. #5 Brian Schmidt
    September 21, 2007

    I kind-of wanted to do the survey, clicked the link, and found the survey’s closed. Now I REALLY want to do the survey….

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