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Spontaneous Book Club Meetings?

i-e5a8f879a1abbf87eed615f90acbbfd8-soul150.jpgIt’s a brave new world for us book authors. Today’s case in point: PZ Myers assigned some of his students to ready my book Soul Made Flesh, which chronicles how humanity figured out what the brain is for. Some of his students have bravely agreed to post their reports on the book on Myers’s blog Pharyngula (here and here). The comment thread has turned into a wide-ranging book-club discussion. I’m chiming in from time to time too (here and here, for example). I’m definitely enjoying it and will check in as long as the discussion goes.


  1. #1 Scott Hatfield, OM
    September 22, 2007

    How wonderful that PZ’s students can get instant feedback from the author of an assigned task. I wish I was in his class, so I was in a position to really participate in that discussion.

  2. #2 Steven
    September 23, 2007

    Hi Carl,

    I am a 3rd Microbiology student from Glasgow, Scotland. I bought you book “Soul Made Flesh” because I enjoyed your book “Evolution – The Triumph of an Idea” and also because of the materialist implications in the title lol. I also found the neurology lectures we did last year very interesting, especially the effect of brain damage on personality. I have read Oliver Sachs book “The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat” and liked it a lot, some very strange brain disorders. Will give feedback on your book once I have read it.



  3. #3 peter jones
    September 26, 2007

    Hi Carl,
    Brilliant stuff here – a regular Aladdin’s cave – filled with very bright light.
    I picked up Seed at Newark airport in July – great read too!

    I’ll add The Loom to my blog roll at:

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    Noting your LINKS LOVE Carl – the following four knowledge domain links resources may be of interest to you and your readers, e.g. SCIENCES:





    Peter Jones
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