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Science Tattoo Friday: Contains Carbon

Carbon.jpg"I am a biochemist, studying to be a molecular biologist, and the tattoo I am sending is the entry for carbon on the periodic table of elements. Since all living things on this planet at least are carbon based, from a chemical standpoint, it doesn’t get much more basic than carbon. Hence the tattoo." –Erin

The call for science tattoos has brought 81 images now. After two months, they keep coming.


  1. #1 Phil
    October 19, 2007

    I’ve decided to wait for a partner to get a tattoo…something like the Microsoft logo, Animal Planet,a double helix, Darwin in Che Guevara’s beret giving the Archbishop of Canterbury a swirly, you get the idea…
    The catch would be you can only make it out when our hips are together…

  2. #2 Mat
    October 25, 2007


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