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A quick heads-up: I’ll be talking about the tree of life tomorrow morning on NPR’s Saturday Weekend Edition. The segment will be archived on their “Science Out of the Box” web page. We’ll be talking about everything from animals to mushrooms to the unclassifiable viruses that graft the tree of life into a web.

Update: 12/1 10 am: …or maybe not. As far as I could tell over the breakfast din, the piece didn’t run this morning. I’ll let you know when and if it does.

Update: 12/1 5:30 pm: The piece just ran. I don’t think I made any major gaffes, but fact-check away. Here’s where you can listen online.


  1. #1 burro
    December 1, 2007

    Hi Carl. Nope, no gaffes. Very informative and a welcome bit of intelligent discussion on a Saturday afternoon. I sent an appreciation to NPR as well. Your conversation with Ms. Seabrook complimented a very interesting article that I’m reading in the current New Yorker. It’s title is, “Darwin’s Surprise”, by Michael Specter. It talks about retroviruses and the role that they’ve played in evolution. Very interesting stuff.

    I’ve tabbed your website. Lot’s of good stuff here. Worth stopping by just to read about the Zombie Cockroach. I can appreciate that cockroaches have their place in the scheme of things but I wasn’t sad to see the cockroach get hollowed out. Almost beyond comprehension how perfectly directed the wasps neurotoxin is in the cockroaches brain. Leading him around by the antennae is just amazing.

    Santa Rosa, CA

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