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The Haphazard Mind

Today on bloggingheads, I talk to Gary Marcus, NYU psychologist and author of the new book Kluge, about all the telling ways in which our minds let us down, and what those shortcomings tell us about how it evolved.

Happy Birthday, Eadweard Muybridge!

Yesterday is the birthday of the man who froze the gallop and thawed it out again. From, of course, Wikipedia.

Mental Labyrinth

The Noises in Your Head

My newest “Dissection” column is up at This time around, I take a look at how our brains relay signals. They turn out to do a terrible job. What’s impressive is how they clean up their own mess. Check it out. [Image via Vesalius Gallery] (update 4.4.08 9:30 am: link fixed)

In Search of Online Excellence

In yet another sign of the growing respectability of the online world for communicating science, this year the National Academies have set up a new “online/Internet” category for their annual communication prize. Here’s what they want: Entries original to the Web which published in English online in 2007 will be considered. Entries should include up…

All Dad

These biologists are holding out on me. I’ve been writing about biology for quite some time now, and sometimes I think I’ve got a pretty good sense of the scope of life. Neurosurgeon wasps–got it. Eels with alien jaws–check. And then I stumble across something new, or should I say, new to me. This week’s…