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The Loom Ends. The Loom Lives!

Okay–after some technical difficulties I won’t bore you by recounting, I have an announcement. For the third time in this blog’s life, I’m packing it up and moving it to a new home. I would like offer my deepest thanks to Scienceblogs for hosting the Loom for two years. I got to know a great…

The News Can Wait

Really, it’s not like I’ve discovered a new element or anything. See you tomorrow.

Almost Ready…

…to spill beans. Any minute now, honest.

Some News…

…at 5 today. [That’s 5 pm EST–sorry for the confusion.] [Hint…I’ve turned off the comments till then.]

I’m back on, talking this week with Paul Ehrlich about everything from climate change to Polynesian canoe oars to the origins of human culture to why cars are best for teenagers to make out in. Check it out. Will Not Bite You

Just a technical note–for some reason my site has been put on some bad list by Google, so that you are warned that if you go to the site your computer will melt into a pool of liquid germanium. But it’s safe.

In case you couldn’t make it to my World Science Festival panel this afternoon, check out my conversation with co-panelist/journalist/book author Peter Pringle on bloggingheads.

Following up on the last post, here’s George Johnson with Stephen Colbert. Where else on TV could someone recreate one of Faraday’s experiments? The new Mr. Wizard?

Happy Birthday, Eadweard Muybridge!

Yesterday is the birthday of the man who froze the gallop and thawed it out again. From, of course, Wikipedia.

In Search of Online Excellence

In yet another sign of the growing respectability of the online world for communicating science, this year the National Academies have set up a new “online/Internet” category for their annual communication prize. Here’s what they want: Entries original to the Web which published in English online in 2007 will be considered. Entries should include up…