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Hobbit Update

The tension continues to mount over the locking-up of the Homo floresiensis fossils, according to this new article in the Australian. (via Gene Expression)

Hobbit Limbo?

Last month saw the bombshell report that a tiny species of hominid lived on an Indonesian island 18,000 years ago. Since then there has been a dribbling of follow-up news. Some American paleoanthropologists have expressed skepticism, pointing out that while bones from several small individuals have been found, only one skull has turned up. The…

Island of the Lost Hominids

Get to know that little skull. Scientists are going to be talking about it for centuries. As researchers report in tomorrow’s issue of Nature, the skull–and along with other parts of a skeleton–turned up in a cave on the Indonesian island of Flores. Several different dating methods gave the same result: the fossil is about…