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Science Fairs and Intellectual Honesty

From the archives, here’s a post about high school science fairs (originally published Jan. 31, 2005).

Words as Weapons

While I’m away at the Evolution 2006 Meeting, I’ll leave you with some posts from the archive of the Mad Biologist (Intelligent Designer, I love this scheduled post thingee). This one is about the misuse of language by creationists (originally published Feb. 9, 2005).

Off to Evolution 2006

Thanks to the superpowers of the Mighty Seed Blog Engine, I’m able to post this while simultaneously driving to the Evolution 2006 meeting. Hopefully, I’ll run into RPM and Carl Zimmer there. It’s going to be very weird: I spent four years at Stony Brook and now I’m returning as a visitor. Something about never…

What Makes a Good Science Teacher

Our Seed Overlords ask: What makes a good science teacher?… Lots of other ScienceBloggers have given really good answers to this, so I’ll just add one more thing. A good teacher has to know what students don’t know. When I ran into problems, I was always assuming that the students had sufficient background. I think…

Suitable Madness from driftglass

driftglass takes up a topic near and dear to my heart because it’s a cancer that still corrodes and corrupts the U.S.: the use of hate-mongering by the Right to gain and keep political power. And you thought I was Mad (and if you’re not reading driftglass, what the hell’s the matter with you).

A Carnival of Liberals

Lotsa liberal madness at the most recent installment of the Carnival of Liberals. My first ever post at that blog carnival.

Antibiotics, Creationism, and Evolution

I have to admit that creationists are a creative bunch, if not accurate. From the files of the Mad Biologist comes this post about a creationist explanation of antibiotic resistance. It’s pretty remarkable. And I hope nobody tells the Coultergeist about this argument… (originally published April 18, 2005).

Microbiology Is Getting Hammered…

…when it comes to funding and resources. And this will have serious ramifications for your health. In talking to a hospital clinical microbiologist today, he told me that microbiology labs in hospitals and states are suffering from two problems.

I’ve always had a problem with the internet ‘progressives.’ I have never liked the term progressive, particularly since I’m not ashamed to call myself a liberal (here’s one reason why). I haven’t blogged much about the YearlyKos convention and ensuing controversy (being a lefty blogger, albeit a small one, I suppose I am the actual…

Thank You PZ

In what I think is the only way to cope with the Blond Banshee (aka the Coultergeist), PZ writes (italics mine): Like I said, I’m not going to take this trip apart sentence by sentence, even though I could, given enough time and interest. I will suggest instead that if anyone reading this thinks some…