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By way of Pam at Pandagon comes this story of the moral values of the ‘heartland’, which is apparently a place where gays are considered to be the moral equivalent of Nazis. A store owner hung a rainbow flag outside of his inn/restaurant. He had purchased the flag for his son at a Wizard of Oz museum, because his son thought it reminded him of “somewhere over the rainbow.” Up rose the good Christians of Meade, KS (italics mine):

Knight says the radio station has called him threatening to remove the restaurant’s commercials if he does not remove the flag. A local pastor stopped by said it was equivalent to hanging women’s panties on a flag pole. When Knight jokingly said he might consider that – the preacher said he would have him arrested.

His business has suffered – down to only a few local customers. The folks in Meade who’ve boycotted say it’s too offensive for them to eat there.

Local resident, Keith Klassen says the flag is a slap in the face to the conservative community of Meade. “To me it’s just like running up a Nazi flag in a Jewish neighborhood. I can’t walk into that establishment with that flag flying because to me that’s saying that I support what the flag stands for and I don’t,” says Klassen.

Mr. Klassen believes that gays and Nazis are morally equivalent. To help Mr. Klassen distinguish between Nazi Fascists and the Homofascist Hordes, I’ve come up with a little list.

number of countries invaded by Nazi Fascists: around 15 (depends how you count colonies, etc.)
number of countries invaded by Homofascists: 0

number of Jews killed by Nazi Facists: six million
number of Jews killed by Homofacists: 0

number of Gypsies killed by Nazi Fascists: roughly one million
number of Gypsies killed by Homofascists: 0

number of homosexuals killed by Nazi Facists: unclear, maybe 100,000
number of homosexuals killed by Homofascists: 0

number dead from war started by Nazi Fascists: 50-100 million
number dead from war started by Homofascists: 0

At what point do those who significantly shape the national discourse tell these idiots ‘values voters’, “You are bigots and fucking morons”, and refuse to give them any serious air time? This is just daffy; enough is enough already.

An aside: The U.S. military discharged another Arabic-speaking soldier because he was gay. And how does this make the U.S. safer?


  1. #1 King Aardvark
    July 28, 2006

    Great poster.

    To the fundies, wrong is wrong because the world is black or white, so homosexuality is as bad as being a Nazi.

    Well, wrong is wrong, except, when they do it.

    And I’ll bet, if forced to choose, most fundies would prefer to side with Nazis rather than homosexuals. Fundies share more of their core values with Nazis, even if they still think the Nazis were wrong and evil.

  2. #2 Orac
    July 28, 2006


    This could have been the topic of a Hitler Zombie post.

    Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), a reader has sent me just the material for the Undead Fhrer to rise yet again to feast upon the brains of living pundits, perhaps as early as next Monday…

  3. #3 Markus
    July 28, 2006

    So if it rains in Meade and there’s a rainbow over the town, does the town boycott itself?

  4. #4 ThePolynomial
    July 28, 2006

    number of Gypsies killed by Homofacists: 0

    Clearly you don’t see nearly enough community theater.

  5. #5 Neal
    July 29, 2006

    I just feel some common sense has to be on this thread so i have to jump in.


    Clearly you are looking at it in context seeking something to attack. Gays want it up in lights everywhere that homosexuality is natural. Thus a moral, christian society which sees a symbol for this lifestyle which is extremely dangerous in such a place of prominence will undoubtedly piss off those who fear for their kids. Furthermore, the making up numbers to try to make gays look completely innocent of all wrongdoing is so easily refuted that it is not worth the time.


    “To the fundies, wrong is wrong because the world is black or white, so homosexuality is as bad as being a Nazi. ”

    This is not a comparison of what is “as bad” it is saying it is the same thing in the longrun (gays show smoke and mirror to attack the right just as the nazis used smoke and mirrors to attack jews).

    “And I’ll bet, if forced to choose, most fundies would prefer to side with Nazis rather than homosexuals. Fundies share more of their core values with Nazis, even if they still think the Nazis were wrong and evil.”

    You owe me money for this….betting on a lost cause. Gays are the lesser of 2 evils and we do condemn all unprovoked acts of violence.

  6. #6 mvfusion
    July 29, 2006

    Last time I checked, none of the homosexuals I know were checking out the prices on neon signs so they could broadcast to all in view that homosexuality is natural.

    Actually… last time I checked, they were looking to just get along like everyone else.

    It is hardly “up in lights” to demand equal rights that should be afforded to all citizens, and all human beings. And, if we’re still making historical comparisons here, it’s equivalent to saying the negros want it up in lights that they should be paid the same as white people! The nerve!

    Since we’re on the Hitler craze, let it be stated that Hitler was a devout Catholic, and played upon Protestant bigotry against Jews to assume power and further his evil ideology. Hardly a moral society, even though they thought themselves good christians.

    No decent and moral human would ever compare a group of persons seeking life, liberty and justice to the Nazi scumbags of last century.

  7. #7 jbruno
    July 29, 2006

    lol @ “common sense.”

    That is the rallying call of some of the right-wing fundies, the idiot auto-response: If it challenges our “beliefs” it must be equivalent to Nazism.

  8. #8 Deacon Barry
    July 29, 2006

    Actually, Richard the Lionheart, King of England, was reckoned to be gay, and he invaded France and the Holy Land, killing a lot of people on the way. Likewise, Alexander the Great, and possibly Julius Caesar, who, as the fasces were a Roman symbol surely qualifies.

  9. #9 Moses Black
    August 15, 2006

    Just a point of clarification. For many citizens of Meade being a homosexual is substantially worse than being a Nazi.

    And I apologize for it. Some of us believe in human dignity.

  10. #10 Mike the Mad Biologist
    August 16, 2006


    no need to apologize. But it’s good to hear to voice of decency.

  11. #11 sex shop
    April 15, 2009

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    May 2, 2009

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  13. #13 wilken media
    May 5, 2011

    this really true ?

  14. #14 philotruth
    July 14, 2011

    Actually all ideological groups, gays included, are often guilty of discrimination and ill treatment of outsiders. I’m not talking about a few people, I mean it’s inherent in how ideologies operate. They all exaggerate their points of views dishonestly to make themselves look better, their positions look true, and those of others look false and bad. That’s just the beginning of the problems with ideologies, but this isn’t an essay….. think about it the abused becomes the abuser.

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