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New Orleans, One Year Later

King Cranky and Shakes are right: if George Bush doesn’t want us to dwell on New Orleans, then it’s probably a good idea for us to do so. Regarding New Orleans, Publius asks a very simple question:

I’m going to NYC this weekend, and I was wondering what I would leave on the autoblogger thingee (I really do like that ScienceBlogs feature). Fortunately, some idiocy regarding stem cells came bubbling up from the comments.

Why Not Sidarth for VA Senate?

OK, I’m kidding (legally, he’s too young). S.R. Sidarth is the native born Virginian who was called a racist slur by Californian transplant Sen. George Allen (R-VA). Californian transplant Allen also welcomed Sidarth to “the real Virginia.” When you look at what a total screw up Allen was when he was young, and compare it…

Scientific Breakthrough on Stem Cells…

…and the Christopaths want to kill it anyway. There is a method that could be used to harvest embryonic stem cells that does not harm development of the embryo:

From the Montgomery Advertiser comes a story about gigantic yellow jacket nests. By giant, I mean taking over the entire interior of a car. (photo by Rob Carr) The nests are thought to contain multiple queens and about 100,000 workers. So far, 16 have been sighted in Alabama.

(Michael Barone guarding his glass house from the Elitofacist hordes; photo from here) …because you never know where they’ll show up. Conservative pundit

Peter Pan and the Iraq War

‘Will-based’ foreign policy making seems to have overcome the modern conservative movement (maybe it should be called ‘realpolitik backlash’…). There is the constant belief–and it has to be called a belief since it doesn’t appear to be evidence-based–that if we just wish hard enough, the tactics, strategy, and logistics will simply solve themselves. But reality…

More Values From the ‘Heartland’

This is a remarkable post, although it’s not too surprising. Who needs Hizbollah when you have these assholes:

About a week ago, Sen. George Allen (R-VA) referred to an American of Indian descent as a “macaca” which is a racist slur (derived from the French word for monkey). I’m pleased to see that this act of bigotry has hurt George Wallace Allen:

What’s the best laptop sleeve for a IBM/Lenovo X60S laptop? It’s a 12 inch screen, not widescreen, and about an inch thick. Have at it, hivemind.