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PZ Is Right About the ‘Religious’ Idiots

While I don’t think arguing for or against religious particulars is something any political party should adopt a few days before an election (or should be a political issue at all, for that matter), PZ is absolutely right when he says that Robertson and his ilk should be called out for the foolish bigots that…

Apparently, this is how Sen. Macacawitz George Allen (R-VA) conducts voter outreach. Then again, he sucked on the whole body armor issue, so why would he give a damn about any soldier?

I’m Gonna Party Like It’s 1969

Because if I had been born in 1969, I would be 36 years old, and the Bush administration’s new abstinence program which is now targeting people up to 29 years old would ignore me. Said James Wagoner, president of Advocates for Youth, a Washington, D.C.-based non-profit that supports sex education:

Kenya: Why Antibiotic Resistance Matters

Recently, I described how the most frequent killer of children in the developing world wasn’t ‘the Big Three’ (AIDS, malaria, and TB), but boring old pneumonia. Well, the second greatest killer is diarhhea. And several factors are leading to increased treatment failure of diarhhea.

Some Sunday Links

Here’s some Sunday links for you. The sciency stuff:

One Mundane Reason Why I Like ScienceBlogs

It’s not Blogger. From Joe at AmericaBlog:

A while ago, I described how I feel estranged from the internet Progressives: Bloggers like Kos constantly remind people that the lefty blogosphere isn’t liberal (sounds kinda like the DLC doesn’t it?). Actually to say that the internet progressives don’t stand for much of anything is unfair. It’s just that what most of what the…

Billmon has a superb post on the failures of journalism due to Compulsive Centrist Disorder:

Bushonomics and the Irony of Iraq

Recent estimates suggest that the dollar cost of the Iraq War and Occupation will be over two trillion dollars. The horrible irony is that, had Bush not fought this war–or very quickly declared democracy and ‘cut and run’–the amount of money Bush would have added to the federal debt would have been substantially smaller (the…

The reDiscovery Institute

I stumbled across this great creationist parody site: The reDiscovery Institute. You’ll definitely have a few laughs with this.