Mike the Mad Biologist

Science Isn’t So Hard

At least that’s what Tristero of Hullabaloo says:

Actually, science isn’t that hard, even the fuzzy math. Because as difficult as it may be, say, to wrap one’s mind around the details of stem cell biology, it can be comprehended, if you’re willing to spend the time to do so. What’s really hard is trying to grasp creationism or astrology, because there literally is nothing there that is capable of actual meaning. Nor are there legitimate ways of finding meaning in pseudo-science. To understand that crap – now, I’ve always found it well-nigh impossible.

I always knew Hovind and Chopra were unrecognized geniuses…


  1. #1 Robert Tulip
    October 28, 2006

    Hi Mike:
    Your comment on astrology, “there literally is nothing there that is capable of actual meaning” was on the google daily alert for science astrology. You are wrong, and your error is symptomatic of a broad prejudice within modern science, verging on bigotry. You would not make such dogmatic statements about any other discipline about which you knew nothing, but astrology seems to be fair game. I recently put together what I consider a sound logical defence of the scientific basis of astrology at http://exegesis.dyndns.org/pipermail/exegesis/2006-October/000118.html Happy to discuss
    kind regards
    Robert Tulip

  2. #2 Grady
    October 28, 2006

    Other pseudo sciences an mystical exercises include multiverses, String Theory, and SETI.

    However, alchemy gave rise to chemistry, and astrology gve rise to astronomy (and provided records of many useful observations).

    Ya gotta start somewhere.

    Considering that your scientific theories will always remain provisional, don’t get too cocky.

    Atheists dream of less that exists in heaven and earth, methinks.

  3. #3 skunqesh
    October 28, 2006

    Astrology = poetry.

    it sounds all nice and pretty, and can be used to paint pretty words into sentences. But it’s not science.
    I’m pretty sure you can still get a higher degree in poetry. But show me where the same is offered for voodoo?
    (Online diplomas don’t count)

    ps – the Choir Invisible has many non-conformers:


  4. #4 Mike the Mad Biologist
    October 29, 2006


    why do you think I’m an atheist?

  5. #5 Grady
    October 30, 2006

    Proably due to your narrow focus and faith commitment that all existence, life, mind and reason itself can be accounted or by mindless processess.

  6. #6 nerdwithabow
    October 31, 2006

    It is quite possible to be a Christian (or hold any other religious beliefs) and accept the facts/data/theories of science. These can be non overlapping areas of thought. It is also possible to recognize pseudo science for what it is.

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