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Science Isn’t So Hard

At least that’s what Tristero of Hullabaloo says: Actually, science isn’t that hard, even the fuzzy math. Because as difficult as it may be, say, to wrap one’s mind around the details of stem cell biology, it can be comprehended, if you’re willing to spend the time to do so. What’s really hard is trying…

Defending, Not Using, Victims

More than a few conservatives are upset about the Michael J. Fox commercials because they’re unfair: how do you respond to the emotional pull of someone who has Parkinson’s disease? If you watch the full-length CBS interview, Couric cruelly hammers Fox over and over with the question of if he overexaggerated his symptoms for the…

Words As Weapons

Lance Mannion notes that Rush “Big Pharma” Limbaugh uses words in the same way creationists do: as weapons. From Mannion (italics mine):

An Unreal Campaign Event

Michael Schiavo reports on a truly weird campaign event held by gay hating family values protecting Republican congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave. She was so terrified of Schiavo, the husband of Terry Schiavo, that she tried to have him arrested. And that’s not the weird part.

I See Crazy People, At Least 14% of the Time

From Billmon, comes this little factoid hidden in the latest Gallup poll: That’s right, 14% of Americans think the Republicans are too liberal. That’s one in seven. This explains a lot of things…

MRSA and ‘Search and Destroy’

I have discussed the “search and destroy” strategy for controlling and reducing methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) before. Search-and-destroy involves the screening of every patient and hospital worker for MRSA.

Google Bombs Away!

(from oldamericancentury.org) Conservative activist keeping a sharp eye out for Democratic Google Bombers Majikthise reminds us to join Operation Google Bomb. If you want to join, the html code is here. You’ll find some very interesting articles about some not very nice people in the next paragraph.

The ‘Truth’ About Harold ‘Fancy’ Ford

In the Tennessee Senate race, the Republicans have been viciously playing the race card. They have been referring to Democrat Harold Ford as ‘Fancy’ Ford because he, a single black man, has dated…white women (note: ‘fancy’ is an old Southernism for, at best, a lothario, and, at worst, a pimp). Now, the Republicans (the NRCC)…

“The Vapidity of the Whole Meme Thing”

Over at Uncertain Principles, Chad writes: He [Dawkins] rubs me the wrong way when he talks about science (I wish I could find the old post somebody on ScienceBlogs did about the vapidity of the whole “meme” thing), and really gets up my nose when he talks about religion. I don’t know if he’s referring…

When the Lancet study first came out, I argued that conservatives couldn’t just criticize–they had to offer their own alternative, credible numbers for the civilian death toll. Matt Yglesias goes one further: why not a second study using credible methods of which conservatives approve?