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Why The Iraq Failure Was Predicted

Not predictable. Predicted. Over at DailyKos is a powerful diary by the wife of a Vietnam & Iraq I war veteran. During a discussion with a bunch of conservative college students, the following happened (italics mine):

A while ago, I posted about the Missouri legislative committee that claimed that abortion had led to a shortage of workers which then resulted in illegal immigration. Really. I can’t make this garbage up. Now, Nehomee over at Shakespeare’s Sister has observed the same thing in Georgia:

Lindsay’s Famous!

Well, she did have an article published in the New York Press about illegal advertising in New York City. Go read.

Hoover Institute Swiftboats Nancy Pelosi

There was a time when think tanks on occasion actually thought. Not so, at the conservative Hoover Institute, where Hoover Institution fellow Peter Schweizer slimed Pelosi, claiming she had to explain why her family’s vineyard does not use union employees. Schweizer claimed Pelosi was a hypocrite.

The other title of this post could have been “The War on Christmas and the Politics of Failed Withdrawl.” Regardless, Tuesday, the Catholic League launched the first salvo in its ongoing War Against the Jews On Christmas with a large ad on the op-ed page of the NY Times. Here’s what the Catholic League had…

So Here’s a Plan for Iraq

So finally, a war supporter, albeit a former one, proposes something kind of like an exit strategy. George Packer argues that we should stay long enough to get exit visas those Iraqis who helped the U.S.:

Dennis Prager and Anti-Muslim Hatred

Thank you, Dennis Prager for your anti-Muslim bigotry: at least we know where the modern conservatives really stand. Despite Article IV of the U.S. Constitution which states that “no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States”, Prager has his knickers in a twist…

There are now indications that more Russian exile critics of Putin who live in the UK might have been poisoned with polonium-210. Doesn’t that mean that the West’s ability to stop state-sponsored terrorism even with all of the ‘necessary’ encroachments on our civil liberties is utterly non-existent? Just asking.

Sounds like a civil war to me. And as civil wars go, it’s pretty awful. A year ago, I was comparing it to Northern Ireland. Actually, comparison is the wrong word, since Iraq is far more brutal than Northern Ireland ever was.

To avoid possible brain damage, the Surgeon General recommends that Sebastian Mallaby’s columns only be read using the StupidVu 9000 Someone needs to tell Bush that when I wrote a post titled “Democrats Crush GOP; Bush Declares ‘Mandate‘”, I was joking. Now that El Jefe Maximo has psychologically disinvested from the Iraqi Occupation, he has…