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Homosexuality = Insect Venom Allergies?

It’s nice to see that even in the midst of two overseas conflicts, the U.S. military can find time to obsess about homosexuality. The military has downgraded homosexuality from a “disorder” to a “circumstance.” This means homosexuality is considered equivalent to stammering or stuttering, dyslexia, sleepwalking, motion sickness, obesity, and insect venom allergies. Our government…

Tariq Aziz? This Is a Joke, Right?

There are reports that the U.S. has cut a deal with Tariq Aziz, Saddam Hussein’s foreign minister, so he can negotiate with the Sunni insurgents:

As a part of the Carnival of the Liberals, I wrote a post about our failing political discourse. Here’s something related from the archives.

One topic that I don’t discuss enough is the role that the agricultural use of antibiotics plays in the evolution (and ecology) of antibiotic resistance. A recent review in Clinical Microbiology and Infection describes how the illegal use of nitrofuran antibiotics in Portugese agriculture led to an increase in highly virulent Salmonella.

More on That NY Times Aquarium Article

Here’s some follow-up thoughts on my Salmonella-related moment of fame that I reposted yesterday

Ok, so after complaining about how no one reads my posts on antibiotic resistance, one reader read this post about the FDA overriding an expert panel that advised against using cefquinome in agriculture, and then went and read the recently released minutes of the hearing (all eight gajillion pages). Here’s what the director of the…

My Fifteen Nanoseconds of Fame

While I’m away, I’m using the ScienceBlogs Blogerator 9000 to repost something from the old site. The NY Timesinterviewed me about an Australian Salmonella outbreak. From the archives:

A Reader Request and a Programming Note

While I’m hardly the first blogger to ever wonder about what the bloggysphere likes and dislikes, I’m curious to find out if anyone actually reads the posts about antibiotic resistance.

Illegal Immigration: It’s the Wages, Stupid

Some brilliant Republican solons from the great state of Missouri have released an official state report that argues that abortion has led to illegal immigration. The ‘argument?’

Intelligent Design and the Ford Pinto

Casey Luskin is a moron. Carl Zimmer tells us why.