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Victory for the Houston Strikers?

Well, things are looking up anyway. By way of Matt Stoller comes this letter from SEIU president Andy Stein:

Why Wait Four to Six Months in Iraq?

This week, Democratic Senator Carl Levin proposed that the U.S. begin withdrawing troops from Iraq in four to six months. Granted this is vastly superior to the Bush ‘plan’ which seems to be ‘change absolutely nothing ‘cuz it’s worked damn well so far.’ But I have a question: why wait four to six months?

Some Sunday Links For You

Here are some weekend links you might have missed. First, the science stuff:

Saying What They Mean

One of the maddening things about the creationists is that they are rarely forthright about their agenda. Euphimisms like “teach the controversy” and “fairness” abound.

Update on Anti-Union Brutality in Houston

Maybe they won’t beat us in prison if they think we’re white, not Latino I was going to update this post about the Houston police who used horses to break up a peaceful union demonstration. But the way the police treated the union members once in custody is so awful, it deserves its own post.…

First They Came for the Unions

(from here) Because if janitors get healthcare, then the terrorists win Last night, Houston police used horses to break up a peaceful demonstration by unionized janitors, who on average, make $5.35/hr and have no health care. You know, if the Houston police were civilized they would have tasered them. One janitor described the scene thusly:

“Damaged Goods?”

CNN describes Nancy Pelosi as “damaged goods”, and she hasn’t even had her chance to screw up the country yet. Digby sums it up nicely:

Actually, the post title is unfair: Romney is quite capable of screwing over thousands of people at once. In order to further his Republican presidential bonafides by cutting spending, any spending, MA Governor Mitt Romney playing bookkeeping games so he could declare a fiscal state of emergency and unilaterally cut budget items.

Animalcules, the November Edition, Now Up

That Carnival o’the Wee Beasties known as Animalcules is being hosted by Andreas Baeumer over at Baumhaus. It all looks really interesting, so check it out. And yes, I have a few contributions myself.

A few weeks ago, an FDA expert panel by a vote of 6-4 decided against the approval of the use of the antibiotic cefquinome in cattle. Unfortunately, I’ve heard through the grapevine that the political appointees at the FDA plan to overrule the expert panel and approve the use of cefquinome. The chairman of the…