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I Think This Explains Many, Many Things

According to an AP-AOL poll, 25% of Americans think Jesus will return next year. Not ‘soon’, but within the next 365 days. Twenty-five percent. That’s higher than the nineteen percent who think that we will discover extra-terrestrial life next year…

I’m Slowly Edging Towards John Edwards

Finally, there might be a Democrat who speaks my language about deficits and budgets. From Tapped (italics and bold mine):

I’ve been called out by Michael Fumento regarding a post about avian influenza. While I’m putting that together, I thought it would be a good opportunity to revisit some previous posts about influenza. From the old site:

You might not know this, but, due to pressure from Republicans beholden to batshit lunatic creationists theological conservatives, park rangers at the Grand Canyon are not allowed to discuss how old the Grand Canyon is. Really. I’m not making this up. From PEER:

Global Warming? The Trees Say Yes.

A recent report by the National Arbor Day Foundation vividly describes the dramatic increase in average annual winter temperature throughout the U.S. They compared average annual winter temperatures in 1990 over a fifteen year period with those in 2006.

After reading this article about Democratic consultant Mara Vanderslice whose speciality is outreach to “theological conservatives”, my head was about to explode. Thankfully, digby points out that courting social conservatives will make the Democratic Party, well, more conservative–or as a relative put it, “There’s always a quid pro quo.” And Jonathan Singer explodes the myth…

I See Stupid People: the David Broder Edition

My grandmother used to say that if you didn’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all. She did not say, “You should lie and make stuff up.” Which leads us to one of David Broder’s most inexplicable columns yet. Broder, in his column about recently deceased former President Gerald Ford, writes:

Deval Patrick Restores Budget Cuts…

…and decides that Massachusetts shouldn’t be Mississippi. A couple of months ago, Republican Mitt Romney engaged in financial chicanery to cut social spending, including vaccination programs and programs that assist the mentally disabled. Why? To establish his Republican credentials. Thankfully, Democratic Governor Deval Patrick has decided to restore most of those cuts. Thankfully, someone realizes…

Infection, Obesity, and Smoking

Thankfully for the readers, most of the scientific literature I read doesn’t make it into this blog. But one paper about a comparative drug trial had some very interesting results. In short, obesity and smoking are significant risk factors for post-operative infections.


From the archives, I’m reposting this article about MRSA and VRSA. I’ve made some changes because the science and medical practice have changed.