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Gut Yontif!

Have a Merry Christmas! (Gut Yontif means happy holidays in Yiddish).

It’s My Birthday

…so no blogging. Instead, I’ll leave you with a “make sexy time” photo (to steal Borat’s phrase):

At a recent conference (pdf), Dr. Rebecca Roberts described how medical residents and doctors treat urinary tract infections. But first, a bit about ’empirical therapy.’

More Scentmarking For Jesus

Pam at Pandagon describes two workers in Texas “who were fired after praying over another staff member’s cubicle and anointing it with olive oil.” Where had I heard about similar lunacy before? The Alito hearings. From the archives, where it was titled “At Least It’s Not Crisco…:

Competition and Antibiotic Resistance

At a recent conference I attended (pdf file), one speaker (Dominique Monnet) presented a very interesting observation about the relationship between the number of different antibiotics available and the amount of antibiotics prescribed.

Well, the Republicans aren’t in charge of Congress anymore, but they still can bring the crazy. Nitpicker, in decrying Rep. Virgil Goode’s disgusting anti-Muslim bigotry, links to this piece about “the Family“, which is essentially a far-right Christianist cult. God save us from those who believe so fervently in him.

In Defense of Revere

Revere, over at Effect Measure, has a solid critique of Michael Fumento’s opinion piece about avian flu. What the piece shows is just how ignorant of public health Fumento really is:

At a recent conference (pdf), I heard Dr. Rebecca Roberts describe the economic cost of antibiotic resistant infections at Cook County’s Stroger Hospital. In a nutshell, it’s terrifying.

You might have heard about the U.S. contractor who volunteered to be an FBI informant. For his service, he received 90+ days of Gitmoization. As hideous as that is, there are some other disturbing points in the NY Times story.

Ninety Percent of Americans Are Evil Sluts

The Guttmacher Institute has released a report showing that 90% of Americans have engaged in premarital sex. This isn’t really an increase either: premarital sex was nearly as common among women in their sixties. Hopefully, that will dispel the notion that slutiness [/snark] is on the rise. I wonder what the right-wing nutjobs will make…