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Thomas Geoghan has an excellent article about the need to raise taxes. He makes a very important point: how we tax ourselves defines who we are. Geoghan writes (italics mine):

I’m Famous!

…or at least, I was mentioned in Cell. Currently, we have very few new antibiotics in the pipeline, particularly for Gram-negative bacteria such as Acinetobacter. One of the things I’m involved with is a project to develop a not-for-profit screening library to find new antibiotics. From Cell:

Isn’t This High School Economics?

Jonah links to a recent paper in the Journal of Political Economy. Here’s the summary (pdf here):

Even George Bush’s Church Doesn’t Want Him

You might have heard about the $500 million that El Jefe Maximo is trying to raise for his presidential library. Apparently, no price is too great for the rehabilitation of his ‘legacy.’ It was supposed to be housed at Southern Methodist University. One problem, though: the Methodists–Bush’s own church–don’t want to house the library.

Some Sunday Links

Here are some links for you. First, the science stuff:

Well, we do it for narcotics. From Yahoo News:

A Great Description of Science

While the Republican War on Science isn’t doing as well as it once was, there still is too much politicization of scienctific results. Commenting on a BBC article about the UCS statement about scientific integrity, Jim at TeachtheFacts.org gives an excellent description of science (italics mine):

In the past week, over 400 students and teachers in the Boston area have contracted norovirus, which causes nausea, vomitting and diarrhea:

Really Tasteless Iraq Joke

But you know you want to read it anyway. From Iraqslogger:

VRSA Hospital Insurance

I was recently at a conference (pdf file) where one speaker (Dr. Thomas O’Brien) suggested ‘VRSA hospital insurance’ to prevent the spread of vancomycin resistant Staphylococcus aureus outbreaks (‘VRSA’). Before I get into the plan, let’s talk about VRSA.