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ASM Microbiology Blog

Moselio Schaechter, former American Society of Microbiology president, has a blog, Small Things Considered. It’s pretty good. But the promo letter ASM sent around had one annoying thing (italics mine):

Quote of the Day

John Emerson on David Brooks’ most recent expedition in ersatz sociology–this time a rant about the parenting habits of Brooklynites:

A Weird Blogging Format Question

Thanks to YouTube, bloggers regularly post video. Sites like Flickr allow the posting of pictures. But there’s one thing that I haven’t seen–or more accurately, heard.

Beta test version of Conservapedia graphical interface. Isn’t he reassuring? What happens when you take Science Blogs “basic concepts” and add it to Conservapedia, the information website for fucking morons? You get more fun than a barrel of monkeys (which, of course, are not related to humans…). Here’s what the Stupid People have to say…

Why Political Pandering to Creationists Matters

When I heard that Republican Senator and presidential candidate John McCain spoke at the Discovery Institute, I was disappointed but not surprised. In March, there’s going to be a report released about antibiotic resistance in bacteria. A major finding of the report: roughly 40,000 people die every year from hospital-acquired antibiotic resistant bacterial infections.

Interesting Gallup Poll

A recent Gallup Poll about support for the Iraqi Occupation notes something very interesting: Jews are more likely to oppose the war, even after party affiliation is taken into account. Gallup states, “It is unclear why Jewish Americans show such strong opposition to the war.” My answer?

…the man who helped bring you Iran-Contra, you know you’ve gone too far. Seymour Hersh has a new article in the New Yorker about the Bush Administration’s Middle East ‘strategy.’ It’s more ridiculous than Iran-Contra.

Some Sunday Links

Here are some links for you; science first:

Sunday Sermon: Popper on Intolerance

Here’s an interesting little bit about intolerance by Karl Popper from The Open Society and Its Enemies: The Spell of Plato:

What happens if you want to fight a war, and the generals threaten to not show up? From the Sunday Times: