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And it’s free! Bob Altemeyer, whose work on the authoritarian mind significantly influenced John Dean’sConservatives Without Conscience, has released a free online book, The Authoritarians, which is about, well, authoritarians. Here’s an interesting bit from the book about evolution from Ch. 4:

At a recent National Press Club roundtable about the effect of the internet on the job of the White House correspondents, journalist Richard Wolffe had this to say about bloggers:

Beta test version of Conservapedia graphical interface. Isn’t he reassuring? I feel bad for John Stewart and Stephen Colbert because when idiots unintentionally parody themselves, their gigs will be up. Conservapedia is going to be the gift that giving…for bloggers anyway. Here’s what it says about the Holocaust (and, yes, this is the entire entry):

…El Jefe Maximo is still pushing the elimination of the estate tax because the offspring of the ludicrously wealthy need a break:

Conservapedia Mistates Mutation

Some of my fellow ScienceBloglings have written about Conservapedia’s treatment of evolution. What has always puzzled me about creationists is the rather frequent denial of mutation. For example, in the section on macroevolution, titled “Is the theory of macroevolution true?“*–which should tell you what’s to come right away, the entry reads:

…we might want to issue them rifles. From the NY Times:

That’s what the cast of the British reality TV show Top Gear asked while visiting New Orleans one year after Katrina:

Can someone explain to me why the Nevada Democrats want to host a primary presidential debate on Fox News?

By now, you might have read this NY Times article about Senator Clinton’s difficulties in dealing with her vote to go to war. While others have commented on her disturbing belief in executive authority–which gets awful close to the ‘unitary executive’ concept espoused by the Bush administration, a loyal reader pointed out a very interesting…

Birds Do It, Bees Do It, But Does…

This is only ‘petting’ so it’s OK …Senator and Republican presidential candidate John “Snuggles” McCain do it? For that matter, evangelicals do it–even before getting married. This makes McCain’s support for abstinence-only sex education even more ridiculous. But let’s talk more about sex, baby.