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While I’m Away in D.C…

…I plan on visiting the Smithsonian. Sadly, it hasn’t been run very well the last seven years. Maybe the resignation of Lawrence Small will turn things around. Who is Small?

…or something like that. By way of skippy, comes this, erm, fascinating creationist exposition on the inertness of peanut butter:

Atrios makes an interesting observation about the decline in newspaper sales and political trend at major metropolitan dailies:

A Question About DLC Democrats

How can the DLC-wing of Democratic Party, including Rahm Emanuel, continue to claim to know what’s best for the Democratic Party after they’ve been so badly schooled? By other Democrats (italics mine):

And Who Elected These Guys Anyway?

One of the interesting things about blogging is that it has undermined the importance of the punditocracy. In the pre-interenet, and certainly pre-blog era, you had a very different relationship to politics, even if you were aware and relatively active: you were a consumer.

Prayer Is the Answer?

That’s according to Republican congressman Randy Forbes, member of the Congressional Prayer Caucus. Personally, I think exercising Congress’ oversight role and passing some legislation worth a damn might help a bit more, but then again, my prayers wouldn’t count for much anyway according to the Caucus. From

In response to us foul-mouthed evolutionists, Casey Luskin asks, “Yet for all their numbers and name-calling, not a single one has answered Egnor’s question: How does [sic] Darwinian mechanisms produce new biological information?” I’ve never liked the whole “biological information” concept.

Blogger Mike Stark recently debated Myron Ebell about global warming. Apparently, Mike Stark did more than just hold his own, which is pretty impressive considering the debate was hosted by the ultraconservative Federalist Society. Stark had this interesting point about credibility, which is similar to a point I made about creationist credibility:

Hunter has a superb piece on the declining (or perhaps negligible) authority of the punditocracy. Hunter writes:

This I Do Not Understand

By way of Seeing the Forest, I came across this Zogby poll from Sept. 2006 about the Iraq War. The stoopid is really painful.