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I ask this seriously. Among rank and file Democrats, there is a common belief that Democratic politicians are being dragged to right by the need for compromise. But I don’t think that’s the case with Clinton: she is a conservative Southern Democrat without the regional accent. And the southern blue dogs have been pretty weak…

The Political Failure of Annual Influenza

One of the few predictable statistics in American public health is that between 35,000-40,000 people will die every year from ‘ordinary’ influenza. Most of these deaths are preventable. Yet we do nothing.

Punditry Versus Academic Writing

I usually stay away from the various pissing matches that occur between big name commentators. Watching Hollywood actors and actresses is far more entertaining, and unlike the famous and beautiful people, pundits are definitely NOT TEH HOT! But in the midst of a clash between Eric Alterman and Joe Klein, Alterman makes an interesting observation…

Some Sunday Links

Here are some Sunday links for you (with extra linkyness since there won’t be one next week). First, I blind you with science:

Breaking the Silence

A story in the NY Times about a very interesting Israeli group, Breaking the Silence (Shovrim Shtika), finally got me motivated to blog about it (I’ve been meaning to for a while). Here’s one bit from the article that was interesting (italics mine):

We’re Going to Party Like It’s 1979…

…in Stasi-controlled East Germany. An anonymous internet service provider writes in the Washington Post about the ‘national security letter’ he or she received:

It’s about time someone told the warmongers on the Washington Post editorial board to go fuck themselves. In the words of Democratic congressman David Obey:

Didn’t I Tell You…

…never mess with the Jewish grandmothers (Intelligent Designer man, what were you thinking?). Wednesday, Sen. Boxer smacked around Republican senator Inhofe but good:

The subprime loan disaster is starting to hit suburbia. And as you might guess, the taxpayer is left to pick up the externalized costs of lenders. From the NY Times (italics mine):

In a recent post that’s made it’s way around blogtopia (and yes, skippy invented that phrase), I referred to willful ignorance. I’ve used that phrase before, and one troll decided to get hung up on that phrase (even though I then explained it). In one of those internet tubes, I found an excellent parody of…