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Attorneygate: Just How High Does It Go?

The more you stare at this scandal, the more you feel like one of the proverbial blind men trying to figure out what the hell that elephant is. From ThinkProgress, here is what fired US Attorney Carol Lam might have been investigating:

More on Attorneygate

Yesterday, I was a little miffed about the coverage of the growing US Attorney scandal. During said crankiness, I asked how we have reached the point where the legality of an action is the only criterion to use when judging if that action is ethical:

Impact Factors and eigenFACTOR.org

In scientific publishing, one of the important things is what is known as the “impact factor” which is the the average number of citations a journal receives over a 2 year period. The impact factor is often used by librarians and researchers to determine which journals to purchase and where to publish. There are some…

Why I Can’t Stand the Media (Sometimes)

The good news is that the Senate overwhelmingly rescinded Bush’s ability to appoint U.S. attorneys without Congressional approval–one of those ‘terror-fighting’ ‘improvements’ that somehow found its way into the Patriot Act. But the coverage of the investigation is awful.

In response to my latest post about Michael Egnor, I received a couple of comments lamenting my intemperance towards Egnor. Below is the long version, but Mark sums up the short version quite nicely (bold original; italics mine):

Just watch: the Republicans are going to blame the Democrats for fouling up the Justice Department. From U.S. News:

Antibiotic Resistance in Chimps

There’s an interesting news story about antibiotic resistance in wild chimpanzee populations that claims to have found transfer of resistant Escherichia coli from humans to wild animals.

Yum. Theological conservative tastes GOOOODDD! Full disclosure: I have never bought into the belief of the Compulsive Centrists that John McCain is a moderate. A detailed look at his voting record shows that he is often very conservative, with the occasional moment of lucidity (e.g., recognizing that global warming is actually happening). But it is…

Some Sunday Links

Happy Belated Evacuation Day! Here are some links for you. The sciency stuff:

Sunday Sermon: Freeman Dyson on Total War

Many of you will know of Freeman Dyson as a world-class physicist. But he was also assigned to RAF Bomber Command during World War II. Here are his thoughts on bombing of urban areas, from Disturbing the Universe: