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Maybe Crazy Is the Republican Base

A recent meeting of the Utah County Republican Party I’ve argued before that the Republicans can’t win elections without their racist base. Well, apparently they can’t win without their cracked-in-the-head base either.

George Gilder and ‘Anti-Education’

PZ, in response to a Boston Globe article about ID proponent George Gilder, attacks Gilder’s idiocy. I’ve pointed out some of Gilder’s stupidity he displayed in a Wired article before, so I won’t revisit that intellectually depauperate wasteland again. But while rereading my original post and PZ’s response, something struck me: Gilder is the antithesis…

Some Sunday Links

Here are some links for you. Let’s blind you with some science:

We can’t have that. A high school journalism teacher was banned from teaching journalism because the student newspaper ran an editoral calling for tolerance of gays:

A Question About Tobias

Friday, Deputy Secretary of State Randall L. Tobias resigned because he had received ‘massages’ from an escort service. One of Tobias’ major effects on U.S. foreign policy was to promote abstinence-only sex education:

I Know It’s Boston, But…

He’s a Snuffleupagus, not a Seamus …do we have to name everything Seamus? Yesterday, the Boston Globe had an interesting story about curing a sick tapir at the Franklin Park Zoo using antibiotics:

Don’t Wash Your Hands and Drive?

While washing your hands for 15-20 seconds with soap and water is the best way to prevent the transmission of infectious disease through hand to hand contact, in a pinch, alcohol santizers work well. Good news from Australia: you can use sanitizers and drive. From Microbe:

I think the investigative power the Democrats currently wield–and the threat of subpoena–is starting to get to Secretary of State Condoleeza “Ferragamos” Rice. At a press conference today, Rice misidentified Russia (emphasis mine):

This is an abomination against the Evil Baby (which kicks Flying Spaghetti Monster’s and the Mouse of the Disco Ball’s asses–I mean that in the nicest ecumenical way possible): The post is pretty amusing. And this other one is pretty good too.

Hit Wiley Publishing Hard

Hopefully, by now, the anti-Wiley blogswarm is getting geared up. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, ScienceBlogling Shelley over at Retrospectacle was threatened with a lawsuit by Wiley Interscience for reproducing part of a figure and a table (and why would they want to do that? She has such groovy…