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One of the things that has been revealed by the VA Tech shooting is that the government keeps a database of prescription drug users. This has bothered some. Glenn Greenwald writes (italics mine):

Campus ‘Judicial’ Systems

At this point, it still seems unclear what happened at VA Tech, and like all tragedies, there probably would have been, in hindsight, many places where someone could have intervened and stopped the madness. One area that needs to be examined is the role of campus disciplinary systems.

Im checkin ur stuff!!

The hilarious picture below accompanied a very interesting NY Times article about chimpanzee intelligence:

If You Like Seals…

…you probably won’t like this video. But if you like sharks, you’ll love this video. By way of cookie jill:

Instapundit is arguing that, had the Virginia Tech students been armed, fewer students would have died. Even if this were correct, it ignores all of the other times students would have guns. Do you really think drunk college students should be carrying?

My Hook Nose Is Swelling With Pride

Former Republican governor and presidential hopeful Tommy Thompson just entered the running for the Stupid Asshole of the Week. From his comments to the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism in Washington D.C.:

Merry Tax Day!

I found two good posts about taxes: one describes why we need them, and the other describes how much of your taxes go to pay for something you probably don’t even think about.

Some Sunday Links

Happy day before Patriots’ Day. Tomorrow, I’ll be watching the Boston Marathon (I don’t really have a choice; it goes right past my building). Anyway, here’s some science and other links for you:

Note to Barack Obama

You might do a little better if your campaign advisors don’t insult your own party’s base. From the New York Observer (italics mine):

Open Letter to My Representatives

After reading Mike Dunford’s letter to his representatives about the occupation of Iraq, I decided to write my own. Hopefully, it will have more influence than the other letters I’ve written…