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Matt Stoller makes a very interesting observation about Senator Obama, although I think it could apply to most of the presidential candidates in both parties. Stoller writes:

MarkH notes that Luskin is upset about what they perceive as academic discrimination against the proponents of intelligent design creationism. So he asks Luskin a question:

The (Very Long) Quote of the Day

I’ve said before that when you watch ignoramuses and authoritarians trash your country, anger is the appropriate response. driftglass explains why:

We Don’t Need No Stinking Libraries?!

Would you pay $728 more a year to keep schools and libraries fully funded? I would, but the voters of Northbridge, MA wouldn’t. According to the Boston Globe:

No, that’s not an inappropriate joke. The conservative Polish government is worried that the Teletubbies might turn Polish youth into TEH GAY:

Friedman and the War Prayer

Let’s contrast Thomas Friedman with Mark Twain this Memorial Day. Thomas Friedman on the Charlie Rose Show, May 30, 2003:

Some Sunday Links

I was away this week, and it’s a holiday, so the links are kinda light. Here’s some science stuff.

From Monday to Friday, I attended the American Society for Microbiology meeting held in Toronto. Before I get to some of the interesting science, my apologies to all of the people who suggested we meet up. Unfortunately, I never look at the blog (or almost never) while I’m on the road, so I missed your…

I go away for a meeting, and Congress goes and holds a vote about the Iraq War. Like some, I’m disgusted by the outcome, but I think many are blaming the wrong people. To paraphrase Pogo, the enemy is us. Or least part of us.

A couple of weeks ago, after I posted about a very serious emerging bacterial threat, KPC, I received an email from a reader with an elderly relative in the hospital with a very serious case of pneumonia caused by KPC. What he* told me is shocking.