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Ordinarily, I would dismiss someone who thinks that the K-12 educational system is the U.S. is good as a lunatic because ‘everyone knows’ that our primary educational sucks. Then I think about the conventional wisdom that Social Security is DOOMED, and I realize that maybe the conventional wisdom about education is wrong. Gerald Bracey has…

Pandas or Wombats?

I’m giving a presentation today while I’m at ASM, and I’m using a picture of a wombat (one of the topics in the talk is E. coli from Australian mammals). So I have a question for you:

Actually, I’m not just mad at the pundit, but also at Senator Obama: he knows his position is intellectually dishonest.

Some Sunday Links

First, a programming note; I’ll be at the ASM meeting next week. I’ll have some posted cued up, but I’ll probably not have time to respond to comments (which shouldn’t stop you from making them anyway). Here’s a list o’links for you. Science first:

In all the recounting of Jerry Falwell’s life, almost all of the focus has been on Falwell’s ‘religiously’ motivated positions. But this ignores Falwell’s first political activity: to defend the system of American apartheid known as segregation. Racism, not abortion or other ‘religious’ issues, was what gave rise to the ‘religious’ right. Max Blumenthal reminds…

So asks Oliver Willis about the Republican base:

So Lou Dobbs has been making ludicrous statements about leprosy and illegal immigrants, claiming that 7,000 cases have happened in the last few years as a result of illegal immigration. The Southern Poverty Law Center wrote Dobbs a letter:

Or at least know what magical brownies can do to you:

Enterococci in Drosophila

(from here) Biologists have studied the fly Drosophila melanogaster for decades. Given its status as a model organism (perhaps the model organism), one would think figuring out what its microbial fauna is would be a high priority. Yet remarkably little is known about its microbial fauna. Until now.

Survey: Blogs and Political Information

Researchers at the University of Tennessee have an online survey about blogging and political information. Help these good people out and take the survey.