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Quote of the Day: the Meme Edition

Biologist Lewis Wolpert talks about memes:

Oh God, McCain Is the Sane One

Last night, the Republican presidential candidates were asked what they would do in a “24” situation. Intelligent Designer help us, but McCain (and Paul) were the only sane ones.

Let’s leave aside decency and morality and try to forget that Romney eliminated funding for a gay teen suicide hotline to curry favor with the theopolitical Right. Let’s not plumb the dark, foul abyss that is Mitt Romney’s soul. Let’s not ask how morally decrepit one would have to be to attempt to gain political…

The ‘godly’ singing “The Old Rugged Cross.” Or something The last thing most people in the Coalition of the Sane want when they are being treated for a serious illness in the hospital to have the staff try to convert you to another religion. And when you force a sick patient to choose between following…

As regular readers of this blog* know, I’m not particularly fond of the ‘progressive’ netroots, largely because I don’t know what they stand for, and what little I do know doesn’t strike me as particularly compelling. Over at MaxSpeak, there’s an excellent take on the netroots, which includes some points I hadn’t considered. Let’s turn…

The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has posted of all of the articles from In the light of evolution I: Adaptation and complex design . It looks pretty interesting. And it’s free! I can’t wait to see how the creationists bollox this up…

Why Harvard’s Skocpol Is Full of It

And by “it”, I don’t mean the good stuff. Harvard dean Theda Skocpol has announced a new initiative to improve undergraduate teaching at Harvard. I’ll believe it when I see it–which means it will never happen. Here’s why.

Some Outtakes From a Flock of Dodos

By way of Oliver Willis, I stumbled across these outtakes from the movie Flock of Dodos. I will never stop being amazed by the disingenuousness of the ID movement:

Ode to the Phrase “F-cking Moron”

Well, that isn’t what Ezra Klein titled his post about blogospheric venom, but he should have. Klein writes (italics mine):

Some Sunday Links

A special edition of Sunday links. Last week, I asked non-science bloggers to post five links that had something to do with science. So, I’ll start by returning the linky love: