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It’s raining cats and genomes:

Bronchitis and Antibiotics

A colleague has told me about some interesting data that people are far less likely to request an antibiotic for a chest cold than for bronchitis even though they’re the same thing. With that in mind, here’s something from the archives.

Did Tea Drinking Lead to Urbanization?

While lots of people swear by the power of tea, I had no idea it was seriously viewed as a something that led to urbanization. From The Ghost Map by Steven Johnson (p. 94-95):

Some Sunday Links

I’m attending a conference about microbial population biology this week, but, thanks to the Blogerator 9000, the posts will keep on coming. Speaking of posts, here are some links for you. Science first:

The Democrats aren’t doing any better funding stem cell research–or any other research. Empty pockets at the Next Hurrah writes:

(from here) The Kansas Republican Party has a loyalty oath that its candidates have to sign. And it’s not to country, but to the Republican Party:

Im in ur fridge eatin your foodz!

You knew it had to happen: a LOLcatz internet quiz.

Again. ScienceBlogling razib discusses some noises various biologists are making about levels of selection (I’ve touched on this topic before in the context of group selection). Sweet Baby Intelligent Designer, save us from this madness.

David Corn: Bush Is a Loser

Then Corn decides to get mean about it:

Is Merit Pay the Answer?

By way of Brad Delong, I stumbled across this column by Washington Post editor Ruth Marcus calling for merit pay for teachers. Centrist Democrats, particularly those who suffer from a touch of Compulsive Centrist Disorder, have been pushing this since the early 80s. And it makes no sense to me.