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Enough With the E. coli Conservatism Line

Why can’t you be nice to me?* Look, I realize that Rick Perlstein’s phrase ‘E. coli conservatism‘ is a catchy way to describe the continuing breakdown of the national infrastructure. But that phrase bugs the crap out of me (pun intended).

The Boston Globe reports that the Charles River swim race might be canceled because of cyanobacterial blooms. Again. So why is this happening? Phosphorous levels are too high:

So How Do We Stop Bad Reporting?

I raise the question, which has rattled around in my head for a while, after reading two posts, one by ScienceBlogling Tim Lambert, and one by Scott Lemieux. Tim connects the dots of the Gore-Chilean sea bass non-story:

Cheesesteak Politics

It’s bad enough when the mainstream media engages in ersatz psychology and semiotics. It’s even worse when this pseudoanalysis has a bias–it’s like Colbert’s truthiness, except that it’s not funny (italics mine):

Two Important Posts About Iraq

First, driftglass points out an obvious–although previously unnoticed–problem with the neocon claims that there’s is no civil war in Iraq:

Majikthise Is Back

Be a mensch: stop by, and wish Lindsay Beyerstein of Majikthise well. It’s good to have her blogging again.

CTX-M-15 ESBLs: They’re Loose

Since I haven’t discussed antibiotic resistance for a while, I want to put that health problem in context. The CDC estimates that every year, over 60,000 U.S. residents die from a hospital-acquired bacterial infection that is resistant to one or more commonly used antibiotics. Roughly 25,000 per year die from bacterial infections resistant to three…

Hilzoy on the Laffer Curve

A couple of days ago, I blogged about the Laffer curve. Hilzoy brilliantly skewers the idiotic Wall Street Journal piece that ‘supported’ the Laffer curve:

Rob Knop Is Leaving Academia…

…good for him. What struck me was this part of his goodbye post:

Tuesday Botrylloid Ascidian Blogging

Inspired by Quixote’s excellent post about ascidians–my firstest study organism EVAH–I’ve decided to delve into the archives and repost something of my own about ascidians.