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Romney Gives a Reason to Not Vote Republican

A well-developed sense of irony can be a very useful thing to a politician. From Paul Krugman:

Some Helpful Advice for Boston Tourists

Even though it’s nearing the end of the tourist season, I was inspired by a letter to Boston’s Weekly Dig, and thought some advice for out-of-town visitors would be helpful. First, the letter:

Via LiveScience comes this interesting story about gay relationships during medieval times (italics mine):

The Levee Broke

For me, the moment I discovered that the New Orleans levees had catastrophically failed is one of those moments that I will never forget. The night before (Aug. 29th), I went to bed a little after midnight, thinking that New Orleans had survived the worst of Katrina, and that the city’s luck had held.

No, “I think I’m pregnant” is a universal constant. The four words are “It can be better.” Recently, maha and I have written some posts about conservatism. I’ve also finished reading Joe Bageant’s Deer Hunting with Jesus which is an excellent natural history of Southern conservatives (note: I grew up about 60 miles from Bageant’s…

The Hypocrisy of the Sen. Craig Scandal

No, not Senator Craig’s hypocrisy. The conservative commentariat’s. Glenn Greenwald beats me to the punch (italics mine):

Message to Senator Larry Craig

(from here) I think he needs to hear this.

A while ago, I posted about eigenFACTOR, a bioinformatics tool that can be used to calculate the relative impact of scientific journals. Well, the eigenFACTORials have developed a whole buncha new stuff you can do with the program:

Beware the Icky Algae

This is all Massachusetts needs–an invasion of rock snot:

…and why most scientists oppose the Bush administration. In a post about hurricane Katrina, Rick Perlstein writes (bold original, italics mine):