Mike the Mad Biologist

A while ago, I posted about eigenFACTOR, a bioinformatics tool that can be used to calculate the relative impact of scientific journals. Well, the eigenFACTORials have developed a whole buncha new stuff you can do with the program:

  1. Maps of science. How different fields of science cite each other. And make sure you check out the groovy interactive map.
  2. More data. eigenFACTOR now incorporates data from 1994-2005. There’s also some really cool time series stuff you can do (here’s the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society).
  3. You can also search by publisher. Here’s Demon SpawnElsevier Publishing.

Enjoy, you bioinformatics geeks! (and those not blessed with bioinformatics geekiness too)


  1. #1 Connecticut Man1
    August 29, 2007

    Ok… I’ve gotta admit it. That interactive map was way cool.

  2. #2 Markk
    August 29, 2007

    Interesting. Math only has four links. Tribology (whatever that is) is only cross cited to Physics… Seems to be very little cross citing going on.

  3. #3 BethL
    September 3, 2007

    Very cool map, but where’s crystallography? It’s connected to chemistry, biology, physics and geology, to name some of the larger fields it intersects. It’s “just” a beta, so hopefully even more fields and more information will be incorporated soon. Thanks for the link, Mike!

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