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Anne Kornblut, F-ck You

Glenn Greenwald catches Washington Post political ‘reporter’ Anne Kornblut impugning the patriotism of millions of Democrats:

Yes, I’m kidding. But there’s a new poll which should make every Republican political operative and politician terrified. From Strategic Vision, a Republican polling firm:

Some Sunday Links

It’s a hot Sunday, particularly since my building’s fucking air conditioning conked out (and I get to live on the top floor). But here’s your links anyway. Science firstest:

Brought to you by Glenn Greenwald:

Tara Speak. You Listen

ScienceBlogling Tara of Aetiology has co-authored a PLoS Biology article about HIV denialism and the internets. Go read it. The HIV denialists are clogging up the internet tubes…

Yes, I’ve cribbed the title from Chris Hedges’ superb, must-read book, War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning. But Josh Marshall stumbles across a great insight about the Iraq War and Occupation, but doesn’t quite carry through all the way. So the Mad Biologist will. Marshall writes about President Bush (italics mine):

This post by ScienceBlogling revere about the horrendous human cost of influenza is getting some serious exposure. This gives me an excuse to mention something I haven’t in a long time:

Life on Mars?

It probably doesn’t look like Marvin. (from here) The data haven’t been released yet, but that’s what CNN is reporting:

A Patch for…Diarrhea?

Forget smoking cessation. This is a patch everyone can use. From the August 10 edition of ScripNews (subscription only):

Putting the S-CHIP Battle in Context

Maha does a great job of getting at the underlying issues in the Bush adminstration’s opposition to expanding the S-CHIP children’s health insurance program: