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And there’s still a long way to go. (poster by Norman Rockwell)

Right-Wing Militarists Beat Father of Marine

If “Gathering of Eagles” needs a new emblem, this one is currently available At the recent anti-war protest in Washington D.C., a pro-war group known as “Gathering of Eagles” assaulted Carlos Arredondo, a father of a Marine killed in Iraq:

From the archives comes this post about the ridiculous attraction to ‘breaking paradigms’:

Quote of the Day: The Surge Edition

Because it’s never too late to have lots of surgetastic goodness. From Rising Hegemon:

Sunday Sermon: Books Are Weapons

…in the of ideas–one war I’ll gladly get behind. If you want to see the original poster and you’re in the Boston area, you can at the Boston Public Library at Copley Square:

Evolution, Truth, and Politics

A follow up to yesterday’s blast from the past:

Let no one say I won’t call out liberals when they’re idiots about evolution. From the archives:

…most good science reporters like science. Most political reporters don’t like governance.

This Will Make the M.D.s’ Heads Explode

Or maybe not? Should doctors be salaried workers? From Political Animal:

(from here) Just a thought.