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By way of Shakes, this display made its way into the House debate on S-CHIP:

I know: who could possibly think that the Bush administration would censor a report on the effects of global warming? From the Washington Post:

Yes, it’s LOLStaphylococcus. They don’t call me the Mad Biologist for nuthin’ A colleague of mind sent along this paper, “Nose Picking and Nasal Carriage of Staphylococcus aureus“:

“Fear the drumstick!” (Globe Staff Photo/Mark Wilson) Forget Al-Queda, protect us from marauding turkeys:

Maha Speak (About Conservatism)-You Listen!

I think Maha just might have come up with the high-end talking point for 2008:

What Is Obama Thinking?

If memory serves me correctly, Senator Obama was counting on the ‘youth’ vote* as his secret weapon. That’s fine, but then why on earth would Obama court virulent anti-gay bigots, especially when younger voters of all political affiliations are the most likely to be tolerant of gays? This certainly won’t help him in the primaries.…

Because this week is really hectic, I just want to follow up on this post I wrote about MRSA.

Some Other Minor Non-Economists

By now, there’s little to add to the criticism of Donald Kennedy’s absurd statement regarding Princeton economist Paul Krugman that: And yet maybe Krugman is not really an economist — at least not according to the definition offered more than a century ago by Francis Amasa Walker, the first president of the American Economic Association,…

Atrios identifies the problem with the Republican choice-based ‘vision’ of healthcare:

Some Sunday Links

Now that I’ve recovered from my seminar and accompanying cold, here are some links for you. Science firstest: