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Viral Lazaruses?

Or is it Lazarai? Either way, The New Yorker has an interesting article about recreating extinct viruses. To be precise, the article deals with recreating retroviruses.

Things are kind of hectic, but I stumbled across this interesting post by Chris Colvin, an NBC news writer, about blogging:

What Makes U.S. Graduate Education Very Good?

Over at AmericaBlog, Chris compares U.S. and French Ph.D. programs:

Should I Cancel My Times Subscription?

I’ve considering canceling my New York Times subscription. Here are the pros and cons. The reasons to keep my subscription:

Marriage Versus Servitude

A new divorce policy in Japan highlights the different outcomes when women are not dependent on men but interdependent with men. It’s scaring the hell out of Japanese men:

I’ve written about creationist and convicted felon Kent Hovind’s idiocy. But I had forgotten another aspect of Hovind–his ties to white supremacist groups. From the archives:

Our Turkey Overlords Are on the March!

A while back, I wrote about the full out assault by demonic flocks of turkeys on the good city of Boston. Now, I have personally witnessed the horror up close.

The Politics of Water Consumption

Tom Engelhardt asks the question I’ve wondered about Atlanta’s drought: what happens if there literally is no more water? Unfortunately, there don’t appear to be any answers.

This Is No Way to Choose a President…

…or run an empire. Paul Waldman, in a fit of coastal pique, critiqued the myth of the informed Iowa voter as a reason to switch the primary calendar. But what’s really bothered me about the Iowa primary is the entire caucus process. While I’m not a believer in the idea that a different political voting…

I thought today would be a good to thank of you who were able to donate to my Donors Choose challenge. There weren’t so many of you, but those who donated really anted up and kicked in. Thank you (and you can still give if you haven’t already).