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I think there’s a related disorder to Compulsive Centrist Disorder: Magnanimous Pundit Syndrome. It seems to have hit Kevin Drum pretty hard (italics mine):

Tasmanian Devils Need Your Help

Help me, or I will slay you with cuteness The Tasmanian Devil, already teetering on extinction, is being hit hard by a transmissible cancer. I had heard about this in dogs, but not Tasmanian Devils. You can donate here to help protect this unique species.

While the most recent misrepresentation of antibiotic resistance at Answers in Genesis by Georgia Purdom is not of the two usual varieties (either resistance evolves through gene transfer, and therefore mutation does not cause antibiotic resistance, or resistance arises through mutations only, and so mutations can’t lead to novel ‘kinds’–yes, creationists are that stupid), it’s…

The Dollar: Never Mind OPEC…

…Jay-Z has ditched the dollar in favor of the euro:

Atrios wonders about William Saletan’s and Andrew Sullivan’s recurrent idiocy about IQ:

I often always have many unpublished posts in my cue, so I was going to let my response to Katha Pollitt’s Nation column about the sexism behind a lot of the Senator Clinton bashing slide by, but then I read Amanda’s post about Pollitt’s column. Onto what Pollitt wrote (italics mine):

Some Sunday Links

Here are some links for you. Science first:

More from the dog bites man files: political interference in a Smithsonian exhibit–about climate change. Having viewed the exhibit, I’m not entirely sure what to make of this Washington Post story (italics mine):

CNN Scripts ‘Audience’ Questions at Debate

How can a CNN debate be considered news when questions supposedly asked by the audience are actually scripted? Isn’t that lying as opposed to news? CNN, at a recent Democratic debate, according to one questioner, screened and scripted every ‘audience’ question (italics mine):

What the Hell Is NARAL Thinking (Again)?

NARAL just doesn’t get it: when NARAL supports Republicans or Democrats who, by undermining Democratic initiatives, weaken the Democratic Party, NARAL is strengthening those who oppose legal and safe abortion.