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Reconquista! The Best 300 Parody EVAH!

By way of Dave Neiwert comes this hysterical mash up of the movie 300 and the anti-immigrant right:

The Most Important Science Study EVAH!

It’s a couple years old, but good science never goes bad. Here’s the abstract:

Driftglass is organizing a letter writing campaign to the advertisers on Chicago’s hate radio station WIND. If you live in the area, help him out. Here’s why:

What Is Science?

From the archives comes this comment on a question raised by microbiologist Paul Orwin–“What is science?”:

Pigs, MRSA, and ‘Superbugs’

By way of Amanda, I came across this NY Times op-ed by Michael Pollan that discusses the role of agribusiness’ misuse of antibiotics in the rise community-acquired methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (CA-MRSA). I’ve talked about the MRSA ‘pig epidemic‘ before, and, Intelligent Designer knows I’ve talked about the misuse of antibiotics in agriculture, such as…

…the Chikungunya virus might have something to say about that (if it could speak). From PLoS Pathogens:

Torture Is Never an Isolated Event

Since torture seems to be under discussion by the A-list bloggers, I want to follow up on a point Helmut made in his Congressional testimony about torture. Simply, it is this: if torture is truly used as an interrogation technique, and not to fulfill a psychological need or as terrorism, it can not be an…

John Aravosis, in a burst of rage, demonstrates why I can’t stand ‘progressives‘ (italics mine):

ScienceBloging Greg Laden reports that the Texas Board of Higher Education is considering accrediting The Texas Based Institute for Creation Research so it could offer an online course in Science Education.

Some Sunday Links

We’re having a nor’easter. That’s a great excuse for some links. Science first: