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Poor Mitt: He Sacrifices Gay Children…

…and conservatives still don’t like him. Boo fucking hoo. Here’s how Straight-Talking, honest McCain is sliming the Mittster:

I Don’t Deserve This Government, but…

…the morons at Bucky’s Family Restaurant do. From some actual NY Times reporting:

Conservative blogger Ben Domenech, in a stereotypical display of rightwing ‘humor’*, writes an imaginary speech for Fred Thompson’s withdrawal announcement (italics mine):

Edwards Is Out

Damn. I guess I won’t be voting for him on Tuesday. Well, Obama is my favorite now…

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is doing just fine. From The Boston Courant (Jan. 26, 2008):

I know I’ve been attacking John Aravosis for his disdain of helping the poor. But he is right that the twenty percent of unelected Democratic convention delegates known as superdelegates is an undemocratic idea. Unfortunately, his arithmetic is a little off:

Because why offend one group of people, when you can offend two at the same time? From Chet Scoville:

If you’re like most sentient humans, you don’t care whom the NY Times editorial board decided to endorse for president. But the ‘logic’ behind the endorsement of Clinton is revealing. The Mandarin Class still doesn’t get it. About Clinton’s foreign policy experience, the Times editors write:

Say hello to the Office on National Drug Control Policy and to faith-based drug overdose prevention. One public health intervention that saves lives is the distribution of Narcan nasal sprays to drug users:

When I read Olivia Judson’s post about hopeful monsters, I didn’t think she used the term correctly (here are some good explanations why), but I was surprised by Jerry Coyne’s response.