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Bush: Methodist Preacher or Horse Thief?

By way of Martini Revolution, I came across this Scott Horton post about Bush’s favorite painting, “A Charge to Keep.” We definitely need better art history education in the U.S., if for no other reason than to prevent people from embarrassing themselves. Horton:

This Is Why I Left Long Island

By way of Amanda, I came across this bit of political ‘humor’ from a Long Island weekly. I’m not reprinting it, because I don’t put racist sewage on this site (“someday I hope people will call me Doctor YoMama” in reference to Obama is just a taste).

Senator Kennedy Writes the Mad Biologist

So I wrote Senator Kennedy (and Senator Kerry) an email about the upcoming FISA/retroactive immunity legislation. Here’s his response:

It’s interesting how we’re trained to tolerate or engage in a lot of behaviors that, rationally, don’t make much sense. Workers who realize that, in today’s job market, loyalty to a company doesn’t make much sense, are accused of disloyalty by their employers, even though those same employers will let employees go at the drop…

I don’t want “hope”, I want good policies, politics, and results. Obama demonstrates exactly how not to argue against Republican militarism. From Ezra Klein:

Yersinia pestis and the Black Death

ScienceBlogling Tara has a great four part series examining the question of did Yersinia pestis cause the Black Death. Tara speak, you listen!

Beijing Olympics: Don’t Breath the Air?

Some people erroneously, since the U.S. water supply system is actually cleaner than most bottled waters, buy bottled water to avoid contaminated water. Unfortunately, there’s no way to buy bottled air. And in Beijing, air pollution is a real threat.

A couple of weeks back I posted about the Office of Human Research Protections’ shutting down a highly effective infection control program. In the NY Times, Jane Brody discusses the program further. Here’s the list of the five things the hospitals used to combat hospital-acquired infections:

If you think that preventing Bush from granting retroactivity immunity for the telcos is a good thing, you might expect Democratic presidential candidates to demonstrate leadership by filibustering the bill. Or maybe not:

What’s Your News IQ?

Unlike most internet quizes, here’s one that seems designed not to be ridiculous.