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One piece of infection control legislation moving (slowly) through Congress is the Healthy Hospitals Act, H.R. 1174 (it’s so slow that it’s, erm, an act of 2007). H.R. 1174 would amend “the Social Security Act to require public reporting of health care-associated infections data by hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers and to permit the Secretary…

Hilzoy discusses the ceasefire between the brutal Lord’s Resistance Army and the Ugandan government. Read it and weep–in a good way.

I believe I did. And on cue, a bigot steps right up (italics mine):

Mad Biologist, Slayer of Blogging

I shall destroy all blogs!! I look like this. Really. Over at Bayblab, there’s a jeremiad about how we at ScienceBlogs are destroying science blogging. We’re also money grubbing whores–because that $2-4 a day goes really far. I don’t get paid that little at my day job.

In response to this post about scientist-turned-congressional candidate Bill Foster, Renaisauce writes:

Families Share E. coli

And that includes the pets. Since I saw the ‘TV version’ while at the gym yesterday, that spurred me to get around to discussing this article about the transmission of E. coli within families.

I think Amanda’s take on Amy Sullivan’s denigration of the term pro-choice is pretty dead on. But something else about that interview bothered me, and it was Sullivan’s need for religious validation from political figures and parties. In the interview, Sullivan says:

Having just finished Thomas Geoghan’s See You in Court: How the Right Made America a Lawsuit Nation, I can’t recommend it highly enough. In it, Geoghan makes an interesting claim: the rise of torts–which he admits is not desirable–is the last resort of a society that has abandoned contracts and honest administration. In other words,…

And shifts much of the other aid packages over to grants:

The Apartment Building of the Future?

This is really cool: a building that is not only environmentally friendy (low energy use, low impact building materials, passive heating and cooling, and so on), but also comes with its own hydroponic garden system.