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BPSDB.org: The Best Blog Aggregator EVAH!

This is genius.

A lot of my fellow ScienceBloglings have written about the attempts in many Floridian municipalities to weaken biology education, so I won’t waste bandwidth revisiting that here. But what amazed when I read this article about Floridian voters’ views of evolution was the response to the question “Which of the following comes closest to what…

NY Times Declares Autism Reporting Policy…

…and it’s pretty damn good. So I got an email from ScienceBlogling Orac about an autism ‘hub’ he’s putting together, so, having belatedly checked my email, I’m moving this post up.

Bunny Rabbits Kick Ass

And they have HUGE POINTY TEETH too:

The Republican War on Art

Lest the humanities feel neglected, the Republican War on Art keeps chugging along. In Bush’s 2009 budget, the arts take massive hits across the board, with the sole exception of much needed maintenance funding of the Smithsonian. But first, by way of the Boston Phoenix, let’s look at the most unconscionable part of the budget:

A couple of weeks ago, I described how the collapse of bond insurers meant that it will be harder and more expensive for state and local governments to float bonds, which means you’ll get fewer government services and have to pay higher taxes, mostly property taxes, for them. Well, Bit Shitpile just keeps rollin’ on…

More Healthcare Mythbusting

Sara Robinson continues her assault on the lies surrounding healthcare. One target–‘rationed’ healthcare.

Some Help for SQL Beginners

I agree with ScienceBlogling Sandra: many biologists need to know SQL. She has some very helpful links if you don’t know much (or anything) about SQL.

The NY Times asks about Peter Peterson, “Can the co-founder of the Blackstone Group who has scored riches from a controversial tax break emerge as a credible voice in favor of fiscal constraint in Washington?” Of course, he can. He just has to be clever about what he means by “fiscal constraint” (italics mine):

Well Done on FISA, Congressman Reyes

I’ve criticized Democratic Congressman Reyes before, so it’s worth noting when he gets something right. Here’s a letter Reyes wrote to Little Lord Pontchartrain: