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Here’s My Two-Dimensional Barcode

So I found this real cool two-dimensional barcode generator. Here’s this blog’s two-dimensional barcode:

In my entire tenure at ScienceBlogs, I’ve never called out other ScienceBloglings, even if I have posted responses to them. But ScienceBloglings Chris Mooney and Matt Nisbet are slowly morphing into unwitting concern trolls regarding the creationist controversy.

A while back, when Michael Egnor was prattling on about evolution and antibiotic resistance, I described how Egnor didn’t comprehend the difference between artificial selection and natural selection. In a related post, ScienceBlogling PZ, in debunking the ‘TEH DARWINISMZ KREATED HITLER!!’ canard, puts Darwin’s seminal contribution in context:

Happy Blogoversary to…

Philosopher’s Playground.

In the land of the euro, the dollar is treated like a banana republic(an) currency. The devaluation of the dollar isn’t such an awful thing: it was long overdue. We can’t have a $9+ trillion dollar debt (almost half of which was accumulated in the last seven years), a humongous trade deficit, negative personal savings,…

Scientists and Engineers for America (SEA) sent me this:

In the NY Times, economist Bruce Bartlett opposes the refund stimulus plan:

Valuable Microbiological Archive Destroyed

Because of bureaucratic infighting, a valuable repository of microbiological specimens spanning over twenty years of collection was destroyed. Researchers, including the Mad Biologist, want to know why (italics mine); you can sign the petition here:

I See Stupid People: The Vox Day Edition

To avoid permanent brain damage, the Surgeon General recommends that Vox Popoli be read only through the StupidVu9000 So Vox Day stumbled across my post about the utility of evolutionary biology (among other things) and he went berserk.

Well, the Social Security Trustees Report is out, and, as has been reported every year since 1993, Social Security is still destined to collapse over three decades from the date of the release of the report–a unit of time I like to refer to as the Samuelson Unit after columnist and fucking moron Robert Samuelson.…