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If you missed my talk, then you missed this slide I leave to give a talk for a few hours, and suddenly all hell breaks lose on ScienceBlogs over the whole PZ Myers getting expelled from the movie Expelled incident, you damn kids! So I thought I would peeplay too.

Fun Night at Boston Skeptics

What you missed if you weren’t at the Boston Skeptics meeting Thank you to all the people who turned out last night for the Boston Skeptics meeting. One person described as the first talk “that included LOLcats, slut DNA, a laundry list of nasty infections, and a solid anti-creationist message.” I presume this is a…

I’ve argued before that one problem with the news media is that they are quite stupid. A recent speech by CNN celebrity journalist Candy Crowley reinforces that idea. While others commented on her sleep deprivation, this quote leapt out at me:

Why Are You Reading Blogs…

…because, if you’re in Boston, you should be heading to the Boston Skeptics meeting.

…then they wouldn’t have to keep secrets. The remarkable thing about ID creationists (and young earthers too) is that they can’t be honest. Because ID creationism has no predictive power (except for the parts where ‘standard’ evolutionary theory is operative), they are forced to fall back on slogans such as “teach the controversy.” Granted, most…

Boston Skeptics: I’m Speaking Tomorrow

Don’t forget: I’m speaking tommorow at the Boston Skeptics meeting about how we should defend evolution and attack creationism. My title of my talk is “Defending Evolution the Right Way: As a Fundamental Part of Biology and Biomedicine, Not as a Cultural Icon.” If you don’t go, you’ll miss slides like this:

Sunday Sermon: Purim, God, and Free Will

One of the interesting things about Purim is that nowhere in the entire book is God mentioned. This is unusual for a religious text, to say the least. Over at South Jerusalem, Haim Watzman describes a sermon about Esther and free will. The whole post is worth a read, but I really liked this part:

Huffington Post Meets Science?

David Sloan Wilson is asking Huffington Post readers if they want a science section at the Huffington Post. I always think science sections are good things…except when the blog lets Deepak Chopra say crazy things about evolution:

Giant Antarctic Invertebrate Critters!

Flasing back to my marine biology days, International Polar Year researchers have discovered all sorts of neato critters (sadly, I can’t find any pictures):

A few days ago, Timothy Egan wrote an op-ed for the NY Times about how universities should spend more on tuition relief: