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A recent article by National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) staff emphasized that NIAID funds over $800 million annually to study antimicrobial resistance. I’ve heard this same argument many times, and, every time, people always grumble about how that money includes all microorganisms, as opposed to bacterial antibiotic resistance (NIAID never breaks the…

An Open Letter to Chris Mooney

Dear Chris, I don’t think for a moment that you (or for that matter, Matt or Sheril) are creationist apologists. But you are successfully pissing off a lot of evolutionary biologists…like me, even though I should be incredibly receptive to your argument.

Despite the ludicrous, over-hyped claims in the movie Expelled about the intimidation of creationist academics, it’s pretty clear that when intimidation does occur, it’s by creationists against scientists. Here’s one example from Science After Sunclipse:

I originally posted this over two years ago. Moral of the story–don’t believe every breathless medical breakthrough drug development story you read. (and if it were really good, they wouldn’t be telling anyone about it):

Alfred Lord Tennyson Led to Nazism…

…or so John Wilkins tells me. Heh.

Terrorist Tularemia Attack?

From a long time ago on a blog far, far away (and now chomped by Blogger) comes this post about how responding to bioterrorism requires a public health, not security infrastructure.

An outbreak of vancomycin resistant MRSA, or VMRSA, would be the ‘perfect microbiological storm’, even worse than vancomycin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (VRSA). The only currently available antibiotics that would be effective against it would have to be used off-label, and are not very effective against sepsis (bloodstream) infections. Fortunately, VRSA is observed only anecdotally: a…

Well, I feel better about voting for Obama already. Actually, what’s sad is that she really doesn’t support the vaccination leads to autism position:

Liberals: Embrace Local Government?

While I’m away on vacation, here’s one from the wayback machine about how Democrats might actually want to try throwing money at people who support them, as opposed to those who hate them:

While I’m Away on Vacation…

…I thought it appropriate to revisit some advice I gave to visitors to Boston last year (with a few changes):