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What? You thought I was serious? I’m Mad, not crazy. But the release of Expelled gives me an opportunity to note one facet of creationist stupidity.

Roger Ebert to Return to Film Criticism

Film critic Roger Ebert has been fighting cancer, but he’s getting back to work:

The Definition of Insanity Is When…

…the New York Times gives David Cay Johnston a buyout, and keeps Maureen Dowd on payroll.

You might have read about the latest conclusive proof that Democrats are the party of out-of-touch elitists: Senator Obama ordered orange juice instead of coffee. While many see this as an attempt to manufacture controversy, I think the hypothesis that the press corps is so stupid as to border on mental disability is operative here.…

Industry Pay, Doctors, and Bloggers

The NY Times has a story about the welcome trend of doctors who refuse to accept industry pay such as consulting fees for sitting on advisory boards. In one case, at least, bloggers played a role (italics mine):

Well, it’s a better title than “Duration of Stool Colonization in Patients Infected with Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamase-Producing Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae.” What the authors were looking at is how long E. coli and K pneumoniae (another opportunistic commensal that is found in people at low densities) that carry resistance genes that encode enzymes known as…

Torture: I Hate It When I’m Right

Tristero, who is also disgusted by Bush’s de facto admission that he authorized torture, writes (emphasis original):

Some Sunday Science Blogwhoring

Here are some science links that you might have missed.

I’ve never understood why so many liberals and progressives think the Democratic field is strong. Yes, the candidates aren’t insane, but neither of them are particularly good on economic issues. There is nothing in either Clinton’s or Obama’s records or speeches that suggests that they will do anything significant to reduce income inequality, other than…

Steven Novella at NeuroLogica Blog has a great post explaining why ID can’t meet the criterion of falsification. How does one conclusively disprove the existence of the Great Vorlon?