Mike the Mad Biologist

Don’t forget: at Tommy Doyle’s (the one by Harvard Square), Boston Skeptics will be meeting tonight. On the menu:

This month’s guest speaker is Patty Pieniadz, an ex-Scientologist who left after over 27 years. She was once the Executive Director of Narconon Connecticut and Director of Rehabilitation for the Church of Scientology.

For more info, go here.

I wanted to ask her about those questionnaires the drones are always passing out. I’ve always thought that there are 5-6 questions that, if answered ‘correctly’ identify you as a mark. We’ll see if I’m right.


  1. #1 Joshua
    May 26, 2008

    My understanding is that the questionnaire is just to get you to loiter long enough to hear the pitch. As far as I know, no matter what your answers are they’ll tell you that you’ve got a problem Scientology can solve. But I guess we’ll hear for sure tonight.

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