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This week, when McCain fired some lobbyists from his campaign, other lobbyists have been complaining how much this hurt them (italics mine):

Israel’s ‘America Problem’….

…or more accurately, Israel’s ‘self-appointed leadership of the American Jewish community’ problem. From Jeffrey Goldberg (italics mine):

William Kristol and Nepotism

I had no idea how deeply involved nepotism was in the New York Times’ decision to hire William Kristol as an op-ed writer. From the Greenwald:

So in my blog inbox I received a long piece of propaganda decrying the Universal Service Fund. I like the USF, although I’m sure some improvements could be made. But look at the list of people who sent the letter (italics mine):

The New York Times has a disturbing article today about secret funds given to researchers by Big Tobacco with lots of strings attached. The whole article is worth a read, but this little paragraph makes it absolutely clear why tenure and academic freedom are not trivial things:

Washington Post syndicated columnist* Kathleen “Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer” Parker writes about the “patriot divide” (italics mine):

Skyscrapers as Farms: “Skyfarming”

Photo: Architectural Design by Rolf Mohr; Modeling and Rendering by Machine Films; Interiors by James Nelms ­Digital Artist @ Storyboards Online A while back, I posted about apartment buildings that double as farms. New York magazine has a really interesting article about urban skyscrapers that would function as vertical hydroponic farms.

…in Oregon. Despite all of the talk about how Obama has a problem with white voters, he won Oregon, even though the electorate is essentially entirely white. So what do commentators mean when they say Obama has a problem with white voters?

Salmonella as a Commensal(?!?)

An article in Emerging Infectious Diseases describes a joint collaboration between the CDC and Mexican health authorities that built a system to monitor the spread of Salmonella through the food chain and into people. One finding shocked me.

Make teachers take an evolutionary biology course in college. So say the authors of a recent PLoS Biology paper (italics mine):