Mike the Mad Biologist

The Washington Mandarins are clutching their pearls over this dastardly Democratic ad:

Seriously, some of us were against this war, in part, because we didn’t want people we know (and, in some cases, knew) to die. We are not John McCain’s (or Michael O’Hanlon’s) serfs: he has to justify a long-term occupation and he hasn’t done so to million of his fellow and equal citizens.

Meanwhile, insinuating that the Democratic nominee isn’t entirely American, that’s still ok. No fainting there.

Our chattering class is a bunch of flaming shitbags.


  1. #1 PhysioProf
    June 18, 2008

    Fuck those right-wing scumbags! They deserve that the truth be told, to scrub the polity of the depraved warmongering “support the troops”==”cheer on illegal wars” propaganda they’ve saturated us with for at least the last 40 fucking years.

    They’re pissed off, because their disgusting propaganda is being called out for what it is, and they don’t like it one fucking bit. Fuck ’em, the pieces of shit.


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